Our impact over the years

Each year, LUFT selects a measurable, give-back focus to strengthen our local community. We firmly believe that LUFT and balloons can make a postiive impact and be a catalyst for change.



We balloon bombed 53 local Chicago businesses.



We ballooned the exterior of 6 hospitals with over 3,000 balloons.



We donated to 47 Chicago non-profits for a total of $10,357.



We connected over 25 kids and enouraged dialogue with balloons.

We are a certified B-Corp

This means that we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. It means we are committed to using our platform for the greater good by prioritizing community strengthening through impactful give-back initiatives. 


Working on recertification

in 2024 to keep up the impact. 

The very first balloon 

B-Corporation in the world. 

We believe that gone are the days of cutthroat capitalism. It's time for a new way to do business-not just for-profit but for-profit and people.  Customers, suppliers, partners, vendors, neighbors and friends. We are all interconnected in how we live, purchase, be, and connect. We think we can DO GOOD and STRENGTHEN that entire network and hopefully make the world a little bit brighter through LUFT. 

Everyone is using the phrase do good, which is great! but we want you to know exactly how we are excuting it at LUFT. 

We believe that giving back strengthens your business while releasing endorphins producing a happier, healthier work climate and a more dedicated, committed LUFTER. We do this through dedicated give-back missions responding to the needs of the now. Luft has a commitment to give 5% of our employee time to do pro bono work (290+ hours per year) in give-back missions. This means we have LOTS of time to STRENGTHEN  our community by DOING GOOD.