We bring the joy with balloons.

Your kid got into their dream school!

Time to celebrate!

We aim to be bold in color, innovators in design, and drivers in social change...with balloons.

Activism is our jam

We are changemakers

We are designed to give

Giving is in our balloon DNA

Joyful help is always here

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Our guarantee


Not 100% joyful? We can fix it. Whether we fix it in the field or offer a refund, don't fret. Our job is to bring you joy, not stress. Reach out below and we'll make it right.

*please note that we only deal with KIND, unhappy customers. Ā 

*please also note that if our product specifically states something that you didn't read, we reserve the right to uphold our side.

What we are about

We are a design-driven and social-driven balloon company dedicated to bringing the joyTM through the art of the balloon.

Balloons unite. Balloons encourage dialogue. Balloons celebrate the present moment. And so much more. We exist to change the way you see a simple balloon.

We track joy. See what real people are saying.

Holy longevity, batman!

We ordered on January 29th. Your team advised that we move them inside to last longer and have since enjoyed them every day! The balloons have truly been a spark of joy for over 3 months! Thank you!

- Nancy & Family

Joy Passerby

You brought this girl a whole lotta joy today when I turned down a random street and saw your balloons. I literally slammed on the brakes and took a super fast pic with a giddy grin on my face.

- Mer

Celebrate Present Moment

Thank you for making my friends last day of chemo a happy celebration of lifešŸŒˆ!!! Every step was seamless... from getting such friendly help on the phone to last-minute changes on my end!

- Tiffany

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