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Last year, our focus was you! We gave over $10,000 in silent auction gift certificates and BURST donations to organizations like yours. This year, we are focusing on our youth which you can read more about HERE. BUUUUUT we get questions daily about donations and we still want to help. We are doing this by offering you an exclusive discount.

Non-profit discounts

If you are a non-profit with a social mission dedicated to help people in some way, shape or form in Chicago, we want to help:

What we offer:

We offer 50% off the 1.0 and 2.0 BURST, making them $32.50 and $69.50 respectiveily, for non-profits with a social mission. Please note that we will ask you for your 501c3 form so that we can remove taxes from your order.

How we check:

To ensure transparency, we will look up your non-profit below to see how funds are allocated, used and all that good stuff. Essentially, we want to give to others who are doing good in a transparent manner.

All good?

Then request away!

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