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The O.G. Smiling Rainbow

$ 129

The O.G. outdoor smiling rainbow is taking over Chicago, brightening our city one block at a time! 

  • Fully inflated and assembled
  • If you want specific pops of colors, please write below. There will still be smilies in the rainbow even if you add the colors below. If you don't want smilies, order the ANYTHING BURST below and select custom colors. 
  • Due to warming summer temperatures, we cannot guarantee outdoor decor for more than ONE day. If delivering, we will opt to place in shade or the least sunny place. If you keep your BURST inside, it'll last up to a month! 
  • Approximate dimensions: 5' wide by 3' tall
  • YES, YOU CAN PICKUP. Please come with an SUV with seats down. (and nothing in the car.) Installation is easy as we provide you with zip ties and instructions here. If picking up day before, place in garage or inside until next day.
  • Click Product Details below for more images. 

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