Shawnimals - Shawn Smith

$ 8.50

Designed by Shawn Smith of Shawnimals, this balloon is a beacon of connectedness. Shawn’s balloon is a reminder of the tenants of love, togetherness, and community. These three shapes are the closest of friends but they are all different reminding us that love blends and connects us.


This month, we are featuring Shawn Smith of Shawnimals. Shawn Smith sketches and doodles over the years have evolved into whimsical shapes as an artistic analogue for community and diversity. Kids naturally responded to them because they are accessible and friendly but so did adults. Smith aims to to impart an emotion with his art but wants the viewer to define and project their own meaning of that emotion.

Use this balloon to tell someone you love them or are happy to be their friend or to give them a dose of sunshine! 

  • 18" Foil
  • No returns/exchanges on helium-filled balloons