School Colors BURST

$ 135

Shout your school colors from the rooftop with this BURST! If you want to add a personal note, our Custom Signs are an awesome way to do that. Check it out here.

- Fully inflated and assembled
- Made with 100% organic and 100% biodegrade balloons in the USA
- Approximate dimensions: 5' wide by 3' tall
- If you would like specific placement outside, please mention in the notes at checkout. Otherwise, we will use our best judgment. If we cannot reach the place you would like to us to install, this is considered a +$18 install. 

YES, YOU CAN PICKUP. Please come with an SUV with seats down. (and nothing in the car.) Installation is easy as we provide you with zip ties and instructions here. If picking up day-before, place in garage or inside until next day.

- Tis the season where it can be 60 degrees at the beginning of the week and 30 degrees at the end of the week. Your BURST will do ok but the big globes may suffer if there are huge swings in temps.
- Foil balloons may become squishy with the fluctuating temps sun hits it so the less sun the better. If you keep your BURST inside, it'll last up to a month!
- The only thing balloons don't like is freezing rain which is entirely possible in April...along with snow.