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Mental Health Bunch

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If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that mental health is critically important for all of us!  NAMI Chicago (National Alliance on Mental Illness) wants you to know that you are not alone in all of this. The best thing we can do to bust the stigma associated with mental illness is to talk about it. By sharing our experiences and shedding the shame around asking for help, we can get better. And we must to better to make sure all of those who need help can get it.  

These bunches are 100% SPONSORED by Luft Balloons AND NAMI Chicago. Pick up some FREE happiness for you or someone you know who could use a smile, and let’s promote awareness and break down the barriers the keep us stuck. 

Tag #NAMIChicago with your bursts, and join us for as for our virtual march to World Mental Health Day this Saturday, October 10th. We’re raising critically needed funds for our community until November 10th!

- Fully inflated and assembled
- Made with 100% organic and 100% biodegrade balloons in the USA

- Cooling temps mean your balloons will last longer! Yay! Expect 2-7 days! 
- If you keep your BURST inside, it'll last up to a month!

YES, YOU CAN PICKUP. Please come with an SUV with seats down. (and nothing in the car.)

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