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Marathon Balloons

$ 44

Nothing is harder than running a marathon. We won't do it but let's cheer on everyone else with a fun twist on the traditional poster. Plus, you can see these bad boys from miles since you can hold it up by the stick! But don't quote us on distance. It's not our thing. Choose from a phrase we've made up below or submit your own! 

    • Go <name> Go! You can do it!
    • All this for a Banana?
    • One Bad Mother Runner
    • Nearly Finished! #fake news
    • Go hard! That’s what she said!
    • I run better than the gov't

    • Fully assembled and inflated with air. Since this is filled with air it will not float and is attached to a stick.
    • Up to 5 lines of text with approximately 8 characters per line. 
    • Pick-up Friday, Oct 11th or Saturday, Oct 12th. Delivery available for additional $25. Cannot be shipped. 
    • Balloon is turquoise and is 36" in diameter. Tassel is polka dot, yellow, white and hot pink.
    Don't forget to write your phrase in the box below!

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