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$ 495

This is the BIG JOY and the most economical for budgets before heading into a custom install territory. The breakdown of the fee is $129 BURST x 3 + $108 Installation. 

- Fully inflated and assembled
- Made with 100% organic and 100% biodegrade balloons in the USA
- Approximate dimensions: 12' tall by 5' wide but also depends on shape

- While we all LIVE for summer, balloons do not. They hate the heat. 
- If your BURST is in full sun and it is 85+ degrees, it is possible that it will only last one day and the balloons will start to pop 
- For breezy 70-80 degree temps, your BURST should last 1-4 days. Again, it depends on how much direct sun hits it. The less sun the better! If you keep your BURST inside, it'll last up to a month! 
- Foil balloons (i.e. numbers) may pop if in direct sun and extreme heat

    You cannot pickup. Please order delivery. 

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