Bag of Kindness

$ 1

Learning to communicate effectively is a skill that takes practice, even into adulthood. That's why we're using balloons to encourage dialogue and kindness among our youth.

Simply send a Bag of Kindness to a friend or even someone you've had a disagreement with, with a note of encouragement, compliment, or apology. The sender and the recipient must be between 5-18 years of age. Best of all, it's completely free! This is why we're a B-corp - we're committed to dedicating resources and volunteer time to help strengthen our community. 

Check out the foil included in your Bag of Kindness. This special edition foil, designed by Shawnimals, represents the values of love, togetherness, and community. The three shapes depicted symbolize friendship, whether it's between best friends, neighbors, or individuals who are different from each other. They serve as a reminder that friendship knows no boundaries and that kindness unites us all.

  • Individually air-filled, loose balloons. Will not float! Sizes vary from 5" - 24"
  • Balloons bagged for easy transport
  • Latex is made in USA | 100% biodegrade & 100% organic
  • Special edition foil designed by Shawnimals 
  • This is completely FREE but should you like to know it's value...$45
  • One Bag of Kindness per customer
  • Due to our craziness with weekend deliveries, we can only deliver this Tuesday-Friday. Thank you for your understanding!