Luft Balloon Store

6' Cloud

$ 138

Hang out in the clouds all day!  With this color-customizable cloud, you can bring the outside in.  Whether you want a dark cloud looming or a cotton candy sunset cloud of your unicorn dreams, we have you covered!  

    • Fully arranged and inflated with air. Since this is filled with air it will not float! 
    • Air-inflated balloons will last up to two weeks so you can pick up the day before your party.
    • Pick-up or delivery available. 
    • Balloon cloud approximately 6' in diameter. Monofilament to hang is included, however, we recommend purchasing an $8 magnet to assist with hanging as well.
    • Cannot be shipped. Pick-up or Chicago delivery only.
    • Latex is made in USA | 100% biodegrade & 100% organic

Don't forget to select the colors from the chart and we'll use that as inspiration.

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