Santa got wind that our mission is to bring the joy so he has designated us a SANTA HOT SPOT this year. He and his elves are staying up at the pole working extra hard on gifts so as not to spread Covid.

As such, he's picking a few spots to host a "pretend" Santa in his place buuuuut he's leaving individual notes for each and every one of you so he can still connect with you! 



LUFT is creating a Santa Wonderland Outpost where you can come get in the holiday spirit, leave a list for Santa and snap a photo. No tears guaranteed; only smiles!

Please sign up for one 15-minute spot with a max group of 6 people. This includes your photographer if you bring one; however, iPhones work smashingly too. The fee is for everyone in your group not per head. :)

Masks are required but when you are in the Wonderland you may remove for photos. Area will be sanitized after each session.