We're hiring.

As a human-centered organization, we are committed to creating a working environment that is connected, dynamic and supportive. We don’t ask you to leave your personal life at the door. We invite you to bring it in. Because we believe that we are humans first and workers second.

At LUFT, we have a
 work manifesto. 

We believe in working hard and having fun while working hard.

We believe in being present in all that we do. There is joy in celebrating the big and small moments of now.

We believe that you show up with a smile because kindness and thoughtfulness begins with that.

We believe that connections foster growth and inspire others to do what they love.

We believe in pursuing the perfect balance between hustle and family/friends by taking a deep breath to be impassioned by both.

We believe in color. In living in full color.

Elaine Frei  / Creator & Owner 



We are seeking a proficient organizational strategist to optimize studio operations, strengthen our creative culture, and enhance customer satisfaction.



This is a unique opportunity to join our core team in a part-time capacity. Make, deliver and design balloon art as we continue to sweep our city blocks with joy.