we believe: 

1. in working hard and having fun while working hard.

2. in being present in all that we do. There is joy in celebrating the big and small moments of now. 

3. that you show up with a smile because kindness and thoughtfulness begins with that.

4. that connections foster growth and inspire others to do what they love. 

5. in pursuing the perfect balance between hustle and family/friends by taking a deep breath to be impassioned by both.

6. in color. In living in full color.



In December of 2016, Luft Balloons joined the FESTIVE COLLECTIVE, creative community for celebration-focused brands in Chicago. We are taking partying to a whole new level.

Please come visit us at our new shop & studio!

3279 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647


Founded in 2016, Luft Balloons was conceived by Elaine Frei, a designer obsessed with using objects to create three-dimensional experiences. 

Enamored at the age of eight by the image of a party-scape she found in the pages of magazine, she has been bringing people together in celebration ever since. She believes that the points of where we intersect with the bigger world around us means very little without taking the time to share it with one another.  It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but these moments should be special, elevated from the everyday go go go.

Out of this perspective, her time at the Rhode Island School of Design and through the work in her design career as a landscape architect, graphic designer and entrepreneur, Luft Balloons was conceived. Balloons are a simple decoration. Balloons make people happy. And the world needs a little more of the simple and a lot more of the happy.