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NYE Level 1 Mini Luft Garland-To-Go

$ 133

If you’re looking for a bit of a pop with a bold statement, look no further! This color combo screams, “Let the countdown begin!” We added in a disco ball and a few stars to really give this Level 1 Mini Luft Garland-To-Go the perfect New Year vibe! 

Inspired by our Mini Luft Installations we created this perfect New Year's Eve color combo with a bit of flair to complete your party. All you need to do is hang, toss on a table, or place it wherever you please! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

  • Fully arranged and inflated with air. Since this is filled with air it will not float! 
  • ~5' in length
  • Air-inflated balloons will last up to two weeks so you can pick up the day before your party
  • Pick-up or delivery available
  • Cannot be shipped. Pick-up or Chicago delivery only
  • Latex is made in USA | 100% biodegrade & 100% organic

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