ZOOM Balloon

$ 54

Originally inspired for our ZOOMERS backdrops, this bright blob can be used inside OR outside. If you have a color preference, please let us know in notes!

  • Filled will air and will not float
  • Colors vary; if specific colors desired, write in notes section in cart
  • Latex balloons are made in USA | 100% biodegrade & 100% organic. 
  • Dimensions: Approximately 36" round-blob

Summer *should be* waning which means cooler temps and a longer lifespan for your balloons!
- For breezy 70-80 degree temps, your ZOOM will last 1-4 days. It depends on how much direct sun hits it so the less sun the better. If you keep your ZOOM inside, it'll last up to a month!
- For that rogue September heat wave (i.e. 85+ degrees) it is possible that your ZOOM will only last one day and the balloons will start to pop if in full sun

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